shield (楯・盾)   


今日出てきたのは shield.

a) a large piece of metal or leather that soldiers used in the past to protect themselves when fighting


b) a piece of equipment made of strong plastic, used by the police to protect themselves against angry crowds

 metal of leather ... soldiers used in the past
 strong plastic ... used by the police

2つ目の説明は,angry crowdsに対して身を守るというところなどリアルです.なんとなく三省堂の「新明解国語辞典」のような説明ですね.

angry crowdsは「暴徒」のことだろうと思ってmobを見ると,やはり
 a large noisy crowd, especially one that is angry and violent
とぴったりで,今回は mob = angry crowds という言い換えを覚えました.

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